Al aredh national park

Landscape Architecture, Masterplanning

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  • Location: Riyadh
  • Type: Landscape Architecture, Masterplanning
  • Program: Program 1
  • Year: 2018

The al aredh national park is an initiative which is being promoted by the high commission for the development of ar’riyadh in its capacity as a government authority responsible for the future development of Riyadh. The area of land which has been considered is located to the west of Riyadh. It contains the western (non-urban)
Catchment area of the wadi Hanifah and its tributaries, the tuwaiq escarpment, wadi laha and local environs. This is a conservation-led initiative which aims to preserve key environmental and cultural assets in situ. This includes the protection of:
Flagship species and their supporting ecosystems that are representative examples of plant and animal communities prior to the impacts of urban development of Riyadh; geological features of cultural or economic importance; topographic features illustrative of unique biogeographical patterns; areas that contain rich and outstanding historic resources which include archaeological sites, villages, burial grounds, trails, architectural structures and other cultural landscapes; traditional industries including agriculture, as well as sustainable land management practices; and arts and crafts, languages and traditions the al aredh national park represents
A long-term commitment to conservation. It encompasses the ada’s strategic position on development of the sensitive and highly valuable landscape. Project work while employed at barton willmore international