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Odin Hills

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About us

Frantz Slater Design Collective is an award-winning Design studio that believes in the potential of innovative design and genuine collaboration as a means to inspire people and create memorable spaces.  With offices in London, Sapporo and Madrid our distributed team collaborates on projects throughout Asia and Europe.

With a partnership combining decades of experience in Urban Design, Landscape Design, Architecture, and Master-planning we strive to develop creative, site specific design solutions.  Our team is passionate about creating spaces that meet the needs of the community and stake holders alike which can integrate into wider sustainable development goals of the region.

We aim to create long lasting relationships and form a deep understanding of the people we work with and the places we design in order to to have a meaningful impact on the future of our urban spaces.

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Our projects


Odin Hills

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North Ryde

Triniti business campus

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Trafford Wharf

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The Henry More Foundation

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Collaborative Design Culture

Rigorous design process

An opportunity to bring together a diverse set of minds to create solutions that can only ever occur once within the specific circumstances at the time. Therefore, no matter how small or large the project is; it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work towards the best collaborative outcome that can be achieved.

Attention to detail

Through a rigorous design process we strive to bring each project to life through detailed pallets of material that respond to the site and local environment.


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