Odin Hills

Landscape Architecture, Masterplanning

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  • Location: Hokkaido
  • Type: Landscape Architecture, Masterplanning
  • Program: Landscape masterplan
  • Year: 2019

Odin Hills represents and exciting new chapter in luxury estate design in the Niseko area. Situated in between the
two major Ski Resort areas of Hirafu and Hanazono, the site offers 17 hectares of land featuring river, forest and
open space created by the construction of soccer fields over 10 years ago. The varying terrain on the site offers
dynamic views of expansive vistas, dense forest and hidden water ways. Access is proposed by expanding the
existing service road to meet planning requirements with a logical extension to connect areas currently inaccessible
by vehicle. The Masterplan places emphasis is on minimizing the amount of road and maximizing open space,
pedestrian connectivity and residential lots that are large enough to ensure the character of an exclusive destination.

The Masterplan is based on the following core principles:
– Design with nature as a guide, borrowing from the immediate landscape.
– Utilize native materials as a first principle to build on the sense of place.
– Encourage the creation of an experiential destination rooted in authenticity.

Odin Hills will be the first of its kind in the area by offering more than just a block of land for buyers. The
integrated Masterplan features club house facilities, trail systems, riverside landscaping and open space design
for both passive and active recreation alike.

Odin Hills