Riyadh tod public realm

Landscape Architecture, Urban Design

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  • Location: Riyadh
  • Type: Landscape Architecture, Urban Design
  • Program: Program 1
  • Year: 2017

The vision for the public realm and landscape of the tod area is to present a clear and distinctive visual, living environment that is pedestrian friendly, environmentally responsible and fully integrated in its character, form, and function. A high-quality public realm promotes the awareness of a unique yet cohesive, legible, high quality

Pedestrian environment through the use of landscape elements to enhance and support the development of the Riyadh metro and tod area, therefore promoting walkability within the tod area. The landscape strategy is a key element in shaping a process and outline to improve the urban environment by establishing an image for

The public realm of Riyadh and thereafter creating a vibrant yet recognizable city.

The Riyadh metro must be supported by a high-quality public realm and landscape in order to comprehensively accomplish the objectives for a precisely crafted pedestrian experience. A key factor in expanding upon the urban fabric of the capital city is to maintain the sense of place and cultural identity for Riyadh as well addressing the

An extreme climatic environment which should function as a pedestrian-friendly environment. An interconnected network of high-quality public spaces and streets will ensure that all areas within the tod area are accessible and integrated into a coherent public realm. The tod area and the Riyadh metro is a place for people; a place which people will find legibility in the landscape, which is identifiable and distinct. It is vital that people have a perceived sense of belonging and feeling of their own identity within their context. This continuity in design will act in unifying and strengthening the public realm that is envisaged for Riyadh and thus allows for strengthened landscape character areas within the various Riyadh metro lines and precincts within the urban centre.